Why Kolkata's East-West Metro Services Will Remain Suspended For Two Days? Know In Detail

Commuters in Kolkata will face a two-day halt in metro services, affecting travel plans across the city. The suspension, slated for February 23rd and 24th, stems from crucial upgrades to the metro's control circuitry.

Sources within the metro administration revealed that alterations to the control circuitry, particularly the transition from the Backup Control Centre (BCC) to the Operation Control Centre (OCC), necessitate the temporary cessation of services along the East-West Metro line. This transition aims to enhance operational efficiency and safety standards.


The East-West Metro, known as the Green Line, operates from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah, facilitating vital commuter traffic between business hubs. With its inception, the daily commute from Sealdah to Salt Lake Sector V offices became notably more convenient, with the first metro departing at 6:55 AM from Shialdaha and 7:00 AM from Salt Lake. Conversely, the last metro departs from Sealdah at 9:35 PM, reaching Salt Lake Sector V in just 35 minutes. The last metro from Salt Lake Sector Five to Sealdah departs at 9:40 PM, ensuring smooth travel for commuters heading home.

In a significant development, the metro line is poised to extend beyond Sealdah, reaching Howrah Station and eventually Howrah Maidan. This extension promises added convenience for residents of Hawra and anticipates eager anticipation.

However, the forthcoming two-day suspension poses inconveniences for many commuters, amplifying the significance of the impending upgrades. The pause underscores the metro's commitment to ensuring optimal service delivery while striving for technological advancements.

As Kolkata prepares for this brief hiatus in metro operations, commuters brace themselves for temporary adjustments to their travel routines, optimistic about the long-term benefits these upgrades promise to deliver

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