Who’s ready to take some ‘LYAD’?

Have you ever asked to yourself what ‘Lyad’ is? Those who have they know the definition and those who don’t, let us help you with that. 

LYAD- It’s a verb; although it means “doing nothing” & be in a voluntary slumber-state. Lyad is a way of doing nothing EFFORTLESSLY, yet never feeling bad about. The way Bengali eats water (Jol-Khaabo); they are believed to eat Lyad too. Basically it’s an emotion! 

If we look at the current scenario, can we afford that siesta, that lazy Sunday afternoon doing nothing? Do we really get time for ourselves, a time to laze around doing nothing? No we don’t. 

National-Award Winning director Pradipta Bhattacharya (of Baakita Byaktigoto) crafted something interesting. The director brings forth a story that every Bengali can resonate with. Not to mention, he found the perfect actor to bring his character alive. Pradipta picked Ritwick Chakraborty to play the frustrated corporate man who buries himself in work even on a Sunday morning. He is rattled by frantic calls from his office, chaotic loudspeaker announcements from the lane besides, agitated pressure-cooker whistle. Amid all catastrophes his phone hangs! An app appears in his hung mobile and he meets someone iconic. Will his life change after interaction with the iconic character? 

The film is slated to be the first Bengali content shot completely in animation with Ritwick Chakraborty. So, are you ready to flaunt your Lyad unabashedly?

The film is produced by Ice Media Lab, a digital content shop working with vernacular language stories.

Talking about the partner's, Creative Head and Managing Partner of ICE Media Lab Debojit Saha said, "Our collaboration with a creative wizard like Pradipta expresses our deep interest to do premium content catering to regional diaspora across the world. With the current digital ecosystem, our lab is working relentlessly towards enabling seamless harmony between craft, science and business. We do have exciting days coming up!"

On the other hand, Ritwick stated, " Quite contradictory to Lyaad, the making of the film was very challenging given the special format of the film!"

Direction & Edit: Pradipta Bhattacharyya

Music & Lyrics: Anirban Ajoy Das.

Singer: Dibyendu Mukherjee.

Animation: Amit Kumar Bagchi

Cinematography: Rana Pratap Karforma.

Conceptualized: Shankar Seal

Produced by: Debojit Saha and Ambarish Majumder of ICE Media Lab.

Associate Director: Arunava Mitra.

Line Producer: Soumen Mitra.

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