Who is the Srestho Jamai for Jamai Shasthi this year?

Tollywood heartthrob Abir Chatterjee launched the campaign on 31st May. He appeared in #panchavatar style showcasing five kind of jamais (sons-in-law). The audience witnessed the 5 avatars of Abir Chatterjee in five different attire. He was seen in Jhinchak, Jazzy, Jaank, Jomat and Jomkalo avatars as Fbb presented a wide collection to match the style and sartorial preferences of jamais all over Bengal.


It is true that Big Bazar connects and blends with Bengal's culture very well and this year they have come up with something special for the jamais on the occasion of Jamai Shasthi. The brand launched its "Jamai Srestho" campaign to find out "The Suitable Son-in-Law' of Bengal. Hence, Fbb requested to all the in-laws to come out in numbers and nominate their jamai as #JamaiSrestho.
" This is a fabulous idea. It is quite fun. There is this secret rivalry among mothers-in-law as to whose son-in-law is better. Now is the time to nominate him and show the world he is the best man in your family," said Abir Chatterjee. 

" We have always connected with the masses in Bengal. We are a people's brand and really hope that everyone has a happy and wholesome Jamai Shasthi, and if Big Bazaar contributes to make it a bit more exciting with this campaign then why not. Come, nominate, win and show the world your Jamai Srestho," stated Raj Banerjee, Marketing Head, Big Bazaar and Fbb.

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