Who is Durga?

Durga is probably the most fearless lady around! She has a bunch of weapons, she slays demons and she rides a lion. A little intimidating, but if you can’t take a strong woman, then get out of her way. Durga is a very important part of the Indian philosophy and Goddess Durga has been worshipped from time immemorial.

But who is Durga? Is she the mother protector? The All Seeing Eye?The demon slayer?

Durga is your mother knowing something is wrong before you even tell her. Durga is the little girl at the tea stall supporting her family. She is the woman fighting back dominance, she is the lady feeding the homeless.

She plays multiple roles at every step of her life. It can be of love or of a saviour, she can be a warrior for herself or the protector of her children or husband. Durga is and always has been around us,she has the power to take a civilization to tremendous heights - by her wisdom and service to the society. And with the quality of her motherhood, she leads the generation to its full potential.

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