West Bengal's Weather Chronicles Unfold With Unexpected Twists, Know In Detail

As the city embraced an unexpected chill at the beginning of the month, winter's grasp seems to be slipping away in Kolkata and across all districts of West Bengal. The Alipore Weather Office reports that not only has the cold weather bid adieu, but the likelihood of rainfall is currently minimal.

Current weather conditions:
Kolkata and every district in the state share similar weather patterns. Today, the city records a minimum temperature slightly above normal, with the mercury at 17.4 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 26.6 degrees Celsius, just a notch higher than usual.


Year-End Recap: Is Winter Truly Over?
The year concluded without a significant winter spell, leaving winter enthusiasts disappointed. Questions lingered: would winter make a comeback in the new year? What's the official word from the weather office?

Alipore Weather Office's Statement:
In a surprising turn of events, the sudden drop in temperature towards the end of last month was explained by the weather office. A cyclonic condition was reported in Bangladesh, preventing the north wind from entering the state. Instead, a moist south wind, known as Pubali Hawa, made its way into Bengal, raising the humidity levels.

Forecast for the Coming Days:
Looking ahead, the next few days are expected to maintain the current temperature range. Kolkata's minimum temperature will hover around 17 degrees Celsius, while the maximum is anticipated to reach approximately 27 degrees Celsius. No significant changes are foreseen in the coming days.

New Year's Weather Twist:
Hold onto your sweaters; the Alipore Weather Office suggests a potential return of cooler temperatures from January 2nd onwards. A drop of up to 2 degrees Celsius is anticipated, bringing relief to those missing the winter chill. By January 4th or 5th, the minimum temperature could dip below 15 degrees Celsius.

Any chance of rain?
Dry conditions are expected to persist across the state. However, a slight chance of morning mist or light fog in some areas, especially towards the north or south, might add a poetic touch to the mornings.

The winter saga continues with a twist in the tale. While the year bids farewell without a traditional winter, the onset of the new year might bring back a touch of cold. 

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