West Bengal Schools To Serve A Special Mid-Day Meal On The Occasion Of Poila Baisakh

As the Bengali community eagerly awaits Poila Baisakh, schools in West Bengal are gearing up to celebrate the occasion with special mid-day meals. In a festive spirit, students will be treated to a variety of traditional Bengali dishes, ranging from meat and rice to pulao and fried rice with eggs. Desserts like payesh (rice pudding) or sweets will also be served, adding sweetness to the festivities.

Poila Baisakh, the first day of the Bengali New Year, falls on a Sunday this year, giving schools a holiday. To ensure that students don't miss out on the celebration, many schools have decided to organise special mid-day meals on Monday.

Teachers and school authorities are taking the initiative to fund these special meals, either from their own pockets or by reallocating budgets. It's a gesture to make the day memorable for the students, reflecting the significance of Poila Baisakh as a cultural and festive occasion in Bengal.

In addition to celebrating the Bengali New Year, this year's Poila Baisakh will also be observed as "West Bengal Day," adding to its importance. Special menus will be prepared for the occasion, deviating from the usual daily routine, to mark the significance of the day.

Parmeeta Ray, the head of the Mid-Day Meal program in the state, mentioned that schools are encouraged to go beyond their regular menu and provide special treats to the children on occasions like Poila Baisakh. Flexibility is given to each school to decide how they want to celebrate the day.

In Kolkata, primary schools across the district are planning to serve dishes like egg curry, fried rice, and potato curry, along with a sweet treat, to commemorate the occasion. The meals will be prepared in cluster kitchens and distributed to schools, ensuring that every student gets to enjoy the festive feast.

Already, instructions have been given to the cluster kitchens to prepare special menus for April 15th, the day of Poila Baisakh. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Mid-Day Meal programme to not only provide nutrition but also celebrate cultural events and festivals.

Looking ahead, organisers are considering introducing special menus on other significant days like Children's Day and Teacher's Day, based on the success and reception of these initiatives. It's a step towards making school meals not just about sustenance but also about cultural celebration and fostering a sense of community among students.

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