Weird Much?

We all have some strong beliefs and habits, which sometimes are not founded on logic. But we still follow them, because we feel it’s going to bring us the success we need, or fend off bad luck. Thankfully, we are not the only ones. There are some people who are masters of their trade, yet have some really weird superstitions or beliefs.

Gary Lineker, the famous English striker, had a series of habits that included abstaining from scoring a goal during the warm-ups and ‘storing’ that energy for the actual match. Not only this, he used to get a haircut if he was unable to score in a series of matches, and strongly believed that haircut would bring him luck.

Turns out, the ‘haircut luck’ is also followed by Jermain Defoe, who gets a haircut to avoid injuries.

David Beckham is a heartthrob both on and off the field. And guess what, he has his share of weird habits too! Turns out, Beckham had an obsession of arranging all his Pepsi cans in a straight line order or arranging them in pairs. Well, Pepsi cans are quite important though (*stifling a laugh).

Wayne Rooney, on the other hand, had a bizarre habit of eating Coco pops before every match. He had a special obsession for the normal Coco pops and not the moon and star shaped ones. According to him, this was not a superstition, but a ‘feel’ that the upcoming match would be good. And yes, he was rarely a failure on the field.

There you go, with some of the footballers having peculiar habits, and you were thinking that you are the only one?

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