'Ek Chaad Er Niche' brings back memories of joint families!

With the passage of time the family structures are changing and Bengalis are losing their memories of staying together as a big fat family while keeping up with time. The scenes of people going to the market after having tea in the morning, playing cricket in the field, going to Maidan especially during the winters and going to Nandan to watch movies are all changing with the changing times. The concept of families and their activities have changed with the arrival of the nuclear family structure. But even with the changing circumstances, memories of a big fat family and the emotions surrounding that remains in people’s hearts. But how do they live with the conflicting images of the old and the new?

Director Ani's web-series 'Ek Chaad Er Niche' focuses on this and revolves around the characters of Asim, Shoukhin and their son Ishaan and his wife Raima. Watch the web series 'Ek Chaad Er Niche' to see how their lives have changed while living together.

The web-series stars Indranil Mallick, Anindita Bhadra, Ratan Sarkhel and Indrani Majumdar as family members. Someshwar Chandra has come up with the plot of the series and produced it. Suparna Mitra and Debanjana Ghosh Mallick have written the plot and dialogues. This series has recently been released on the digital platform.

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