Watch before you eat this

Noodles occupy a huge bite when it comes to Asian diet. We all associate Asians with noodles and chopsticks. But when this culture becomes a compulsion, a gigantic problem arises. Instant noodles have emerged in the market over the last century and have been successful in filling the stomach of almost every Asian household.  But the secret behind its success lies in the fact that Asia is brim with second and third world countries with stagnant economies where the key problem is poverty.

UNICEF has reported a staggering statistics of undernourished children in various parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.  These countries have the maximum number of malnourished children as reported by UNICEF.  When asked to a few of the households regarding this issue, we got to know that the parents of these children are very busy in their hectic lifestyle. So much, that preparing a proper meal with proper nutrition is next to impossible for them. Parents are only concerned with the fact that their children don’t complain of hunger.

According to a report collected by UNICEF, a proper balanced diet is such which has all the nutrition including protein and carbohydrate. Unfortunately, noodles, the staple diet of Asia has miniscule amount of protein which results in stunted growth in children.  The awareness level of this problem is also miniscule in these countries although the government in these countries might start advertisement campaigns as reports say.

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