Voters In Uttarakhand To Enjoy 20% Discount On Food Bills After Voting! Know In Details

As the nation gears up for the impending 2024 Lok Sabha elections, voters across India are preparing to cast their ballots. However, voters in Uttarakhand have an additional reason to rejoice. In a move to incentivize voter participation, the Election Commission has announced a special discount for voters in the state.

Starting with the upcoming elections, voters who visit hotels or restaurants after voting will be entitled to a 20% discount on their food bills. This enticing offer is aimed at encouraging citizens to fulfill their civic duty by voting in the elections.

Furthermore, this discount will be applicable for a limited time after the voting day. The Election Commission has already secured the support of hotel and restaurant associations in Uttarakhand, ensuring the smooth implementation of this initiative.

Lok Sabha elections

With a total of seven phases scheduled for the Lok Sabha elections and voting set to commence on April 19, the discount offer will be available to voters on the same day. This initiative not only aims to boost voter turnout but also serves as a token of appreciation for citizens who actively participate in the electoral process.

Moreover, voters can avail of this discount offer on April 20 as well. However, the discount will not be applicable for subsequent voting phases.

In a bid to further encourage voter enthusiasm, representatives of hotel and restaurant associations in Uttarakhand have affirmed their commitment to offering the discount. They have also assured that voters need not worry about the authenticity of their voting status, as measures will be in place to verify their participation.

Overall, this innovative initiative by the Election Commission is expected to foster a sense of civic responsibility among voters in Uttarakhand and contribute to the success of the democratic process.

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