Virat Kohli Equals Sachin Tendulkar's ODI Century Record in the 2023 World Cup on His Birthday!

Virat Kohli, India's cricketing sensation, reached a remarkable milestone in the 2023 World Cup, equaling the legendary Sachin Tendulkar's record for the most centuries in ODIs. This historic feat unfolded on a challenging Kolkata pitch as Kohli played a patient innings, taking 119 balls to reach his 49th ODI century. The result was a resounding 243-run victory for India against South Africa, securing their top spot in the group stage.


In response to Kohli's historic achievement, Tendulkar expressed his best wishes on his official social media account, anticipating that Kohli would break his record soon. Tendulkar tweeted, "Well played Virat. It took me 365 days to go from 49 to 50 earlier this year. I hope you go from 49 to 50 and break my record in the next few days. Congratulations!!"

On that day, Kohli, named the player of the match following India's win, humbly acknowledged Tendulkar's praise during a post-match interview. He stated that it was an "honour" for him to receive words of appreciation from his hero, emphasising that he could never match Tendulkar's greatness.

Kohli said, "It is quite special to me. To equal my hero's record in ODIs is a huge honour for me. I know people like comparisons, but I'm never going to be as good as him. There is a reason why every one of us looks up to him; he is perfection when it comes to batting. I am trying to do my best, trying to win games for my country. He is always going to be my hero, regardless of what happens. It is a very emotional moment for me. I know where I come from, and I know the days I have watched him play on TV. So, to stand here and get this appreciation from someone like him, it means a lot to me."

Kohli's unbeaten 101-run innings also propelled him to become the second-highest run scorer in the tournament, amassing 543 runs in eight matches. Kohli is the second-leading run scorer in the 2023 World Cup, with 543 runs in eight matches and an incredible average of 108.60. He is just seven runs behind table-topper Quinton de Kock of South Africa.

The cricketing world eagerly anticipates whether Kohli can fulfil Tendulkar's wish and reach the milestone of a 50th century during the ongoing World Cup.

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