Villagers build toilets in three days

Almost two fifths of the world’s population do not have access to adequate sanitation. Better sanitation leads to better health. And now some people have built six toilets in three days. Finding it hard to believe?

The indigenous people from the Nabagram village have made it possible. Nabagram is a village in Ajhapur gram panchayat of Jamalpur block in Bardhaman Sadar South subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in Bengal. Not just one, the toilets have been built in six villages. Indigenous people mostly live in Nabagram and Sagardighi blocks. ‘Brahmpur’, Pomia, Saadhdanga, Purbagram, Bichuthi, Dakshingram are the villages where the toilets have already been constructed. More toilets will be made in Budhanga, Bholadanga and Haripur tribal villages. There are 53 indigenous families in Brahmpur and eight toilets have been made from clay. The men and women of the village have started using toilets and  stones, sand, cement have been provided by the block officials

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