Unveiling The Charm Of Purulia: The 18th Joychandi Hill Tourism Festival Kicks Off

In a spectacle of glitter and vibrancy, the 18th Joychandi Hill Tourism Festival kicked off on December 28th in West Bengal's Purulia district. This cultural extravaganza that unfolds for five days until January 1. It was none other than the former Member of Parliament, Basudeb Acharya, who envisioned this festival as a catalyst for tourism development around Joychandi Hill.

The inauguration ceremony took place amidst the breathtaking landscape at the foothills, with Satyajit Ray Square hosting dignitaries such as Nibedita Mahato, Chairperson of the District Council, and Aditya Vikram Hiran, Additional District Magistrate (General). The event witnessed the presence of various officials and personalities, honouring the late Basudeb Acharya, who laid the festival's foundation years ago.


Each day, from afternoon to night, the festival grounds come alive with cultural performances. Renowned Kolkata artists graced the stage, presenting cultural programmes that mesmerised the audience. The festival committee, led by Tarani Bouri, the Chief of Raghunathpur Municipality, shared that over 200 stalls, including a grand crafts market, would be a highlight of the event.

Months ago, the visionary behind the festival, Basudeb Acharya, passed away. In a heartfelt tribute, the inauguration ceremony paid homage to his contributions, emphasising the significance of his initiative in promoting Purulia's tourism.

Beyond the festival, Purulia boasts several attractions that draw tourists year-round. The Joychandi Rail Station, just 2 kilometres from Joychandi Hill, serves as a gateway to the region. Moreover, the hill witnessed the filming of Satyajit Ray's 'Hirak Rajar Deshe,' adding a cinematic allure to its natural beauty.

Ajodhya Pahar isn't just a festival venue; it's steeped in history. Legends narrate that Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana resided here during their exile, infusing the hill with mythological significance. Additionally, nearby stands the Garpanchakat Temple, a testimony to Singh Deo's reign, now in ruins but retaining historical charm.

Panchet Dam, a short distance from Garh Panchkot, stands as an engineering marvel. This reservoir, bordering West Bengal and Jharkhand, captivates visitors with its scenic beauty. Sahib Bandh, another attraction, is Purulia's hidden gem, a vast water tank constructed during Colonel Tikli's tenure and now a prime tourist destination.

As the 18th Joychandi Hill Tourism Festival unfolds, Purulia beckons travellers with a mosaic of attractions, from ancient temples and historical ruins to scenic dams and cultural vibrancy. The festival serves not just as a celebration but as a gateway to explore the rich tapestry of Purulia, where every hill and reservoir tells a story waiting to be discovered.

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