Unveiling A Unique Celebration Of Goddess Kali Of South Dinajpur

Every year, on the new moon day (Dipannita Amavasya) of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwayuja or Kartika, the entire city comes alive with light and festivity. Kalipuja and Diwali take centre stage amidst the splendour of decorations and the sounds of fireworks as devotees gather to worship the divine goddess Kali throughout the night. But in the region of South Dinajpur, a different kind of puja takes place, and the story behind it is quite fascinating.

The unique Kalipuja in South Dinajpur's Tapner Vikehar has been a tradition for three hundred years.

This ancient puja has its origins in a tantrik ritual where a practitioner achieved spiritual enlightenment. This temple was initially a place for tantric practices, and the practitioner who succeeded became the guardian of this place, eventually giving rise to a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali.

Surrounding this temple, there used to be other temples, including one dedicated to Goddess Durga. However, over time, only the Kali temple survived, and the rest were lost to history. Nonetheless, the devotion and faith of the local community continue to be unwavering.

Locals share stories of being able to smell the fragrance of incense and flowers in the temple courtyard late at night, even to this day.

Subhash Samajdar, a member of the local Puja Committee, shared that the tradition of colouring Ma Kali’s idol and also drawing eyes on her, or chokkhu daan, continues on the day of puja, and the immersion of the goddess takes place in the darkness of the night after the puja. According to him, this practice is preserved by the vigilant temple residents who truly believe in the power of Bamakali. It's not just the local area; devotees from all corners of the district come to witness the worship and puja of Goddess Kali.

The Kalipuja of South Dinajpur stands as a testament to the enduring faith and unique traditions that continue to thrive in this region.

This annual event is not just a religious celebration; it's a fascinating blend of tradition, spirituality, and community coming together to celebrate the powerful and revered Goddess Kali.

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