Unplanned Pause In Tollygunge Shooting As Technicians Rally For Internal Elections

Tollygunge found itself at a shooting standstill early Tuesday morning. What transpired to bring the bustling film sets to a temporary halt? The answer lies in the decision made by a group of technicians, especially electricians, who called for a one-day work stoppage.

The source of this interruption stems from internal issues within the Electrician Guild. According to sources, the technicians participated in the work stoppage as part of their internal elections. Allegedly, they chose to abstain from work to emphasise their role in the upcoming elections and faced obstacles in participating due to restrictions imposed during the ongoing voting process.


A deputy director shed light on the situation, stating, "Work has come to a halt since the morning. We are unsure how to proceed. Many units are stranded on the floor, awaiting resolution."

Amidst the disruption, tensions within the technician community in Tollygunge have been surfacing periodically. This time, their internal disputes have manifested into a one-day work stoppage, impacting the shooting schedules for various projects.

However, does this mean that shooting in Tollygunge will remain halted for an unspecified period starting on Tuesday? The president of the Federation of Cine Technicians and Workers of Eastern India, Swarup Biswas, clarified that the morning posed a slight challenge, but the issues have since been resolved. Additionally, he expressed the federation's stance against supporting work stoppages and affirmed that shooting will continue as scheduled.

Biswas, who is currently in Gangasagar, assured that he would address any lingering concerns upon his return to Kolkata in the afternoon. The incident sheds light on the intricate dynamics behind the scenes of Tollywood, where even a day's pause in shooting activities can spark conversations about internal elections and the challenges faced by technicians in the industry.

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