Unique Durga Puja Idol Carved from Wood Draws Crowds in Purulia District

In a captivating display of artistry and devotion, a distinct Durga Puja idol, crafted from wood, has taken centre stage in the Purulia district. This extraordinary creation has captured the hearts of many, as visitors flock to witness this wooden goddess.

Purulia, a popular tourist destination throughout the year, becomes even more enchanting during the Puja season. Among the key attractions in the district, the wooden Durga idol in Garh Panchkot stands out. Tourists can't resist the allure of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Renowned artisan Rinku Kaibart, the talent behind this unique wooden Durga, operates a shop known as ‘Didir Dokane’. Her wooden Durga idols are priced between 2,000 and 2,200 rupees. However, during the winter season, the price increases to a range of 3,000 to 3,200 rupees. Rinku Kaibart shared that her entire family is involved in this craft, which she learned from Kenduli, Odisha. The work is labour-intensive and requires approximately seven days to complete.

Purulia is witnessing a surge in wooden craftsmanship, particularly in the Bankura district, which is famous for its expertise in working with wood. In an exciting cross-district collaboration, the renowned wood artist Rinku Kaibart has brought this craftsmanship to Purulia. Her Durga idols, intricately crafted from wood, are winning the hearts of tourists and the local community alike.

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