TV Sets May Go Blind After December 29

Television sets of 1.2 crore cable homes in Bengal may go blind if the deadline is missed. Major number of viewers with cable television connections may not be able to watch their favourite shows after December 29.

Multi-system operator biggies like Siti Cable, Hathway, GTPL and others claim to gear up fast to make the switch but local cable operators are clueless on how to make deluge of data that will pour in once subscribers start picking channels.

The subscribers need to make a list of their must watch pay channels and ask operators for a list of pay channels to choose from. Subscribers can check the MSO price list on Tv screens or their websites and compare prices directly on offer from broadcasters. They must keep a signed copy of chosen pay channels as evidence. The darker side of the story is that even after doing all these, one may still not be able to watch their favourite channels if their MSO and operator cannot finish the transaction on time.

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