Trial Run Begins For Ruby-Belghata Metro; Regular Services Planned By Metro Authorities

The trial run between Belghata and Ruby metro rail sections has commenced successfully. Prior to this, the safety inspection of this segment was conducted by the Railway Safety Commissioner. After addressing necessary changes, the trial run covering 4.39 kilometres has been accomplished seamlessly.

The Metro authorities aim to swiftly expand services from New Garia to Airport via Belghata. They have applied for the requisite permissions to commence commercial operations. However, due to some incomplete work in the construction of Belgharia metro station on the EM Bypass, permission for operation is pending.

Subsequently, the Metro authorities are coordinating with the state administration to expedite the completion of construction work at the station on the EM Bypass. It has been reported that some construction is pending on one side of the bypass for building access ramps and a portion of the metro viaduct for train manoeuvring.

Moreover, the metro authorities have planned to ensure the readiness of the metro line for train operations by conducting regular trials. Last Saturday, a trial run was conducted from Kavi Subhash to Hemanta Mukhopadhyay stations, covering the route up to Belghata. It's noted that a metro train traversed the path twice. The metro route spans approximately 4.39 kilometers. Metro authorities have affirmed their commitment to ensuring regular operations along the entire route.

By coordinating with the state administration and maintaining a proactive approach towards completing pending construction, the metro authorities are striving to bring the Ruby-Belghata metro link into full-fledged operation. 

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