Treat Migraine at Home

Migraines are recurrent and long lasting headaches that can be range from moderate to severe. There are reasons that can actually trigger the pain to a greater extent. A migraine is actually a neurological condition that can be accompanied by a tingling sensation, nausea, etc.

Normally, migraine is genetic but sometimes things can be different too. Know some of the home remedies to cope up with the problems of migraine.

  1. Ginger roots help in relieving pain in many parts of the body especially the migraine. Combine lemon juice or ginger in a cup of tea to get rid of the problems of migraine.
  2. Combine cinnamon powder with water to get an effective home remedy. Apply it on the forehead and leave for 30 minutes to get relief from pain.
  3. Take caffeine-content drink to get a relief from migraine.
  4. Avoid excessive light to ease the pain. Turn off the room lights or wear glasses to avoid direct contact with light.
  5. Take a good massage to boost blood circulation.

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