Transgenders will Celebrate Bon-Phonta

For ages sisters have put ‘phonta’ on their brother’s forehead for their long life, good health and to protect them from the evil. But there are so many women who yearned to put a ‘phonta’ on their brother’s forehead but were forced to stay away from the tradition. Their prayers will be answered on Thursday.

We are talking about those who were born in male bodies but grew up thinking themselves to be women. The transgender, the women in male bodies. They will now be able to show the power of love to the world. At least 15 transgender led by their lawyer, will gather at Bag bazar Reading Library on Thursday morning with 30 boys with physical and mental disabilities who will get phonta from them.

We tried to forget everything, invited our brothers to where we stay now for bhai phonta, but they always refused. We have been treated like untouchables by our families,” said Kusum Samanta, a transgender. This move will help these women come out of the cocoon and enjoy the festival like every other woman and help everyone to work towards an equal society.


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