Where Are Bengalis Heading This Pujo—Hills Or Seas? Ticket Booking Counters Open From Monday

Thinking about where to travel to this pujo? Whether it's the hills or the sea, if you choose hills, then this article is for you.

Ticket booking for the reserved tickets for Panchami started on Monday. Even if the counters are not open, tickets for all NJP-bound trains are available on the waiting list. However, the list does not include Vande Bharat trains. Seats in the chair car and executive classes are still available even at the end of the day.

If you haven't booked your train tickets yet, plan it now and find out what the current situation is like for different trains. Tickets for Darjeeling, Kamrup, Saraighat, Tista-Torsha, and Uttarbanga Express are being waitlisted within a few minutes. The waiting list for Three AC in these trains ranges from 182 to 13, while for Normal Sleeper, it's from 128 to 65. Demand for trains heading to Kashmir is also quite good.

On the other hand, the demand for trains heading to Haridwar is also high. On Panchami Day, waiting lists for Three AC and Sleeper AC in the Jammu Tawai Express are 49 and 73, respectively. The same goes for the Dhanbad and Upasana Expresses, with waiting lists of 56 and 161, respectively, in Three AC.

However, there's still trains for travellers to explore the sea. Although there is a slight waiting list for Puri Express on Panchami Day, sleeper tickets are available all day. But on this day, there is demand for tickets in all classes on Bangaluru Express.

A passenger named Pradeep Das expressed his worries about the waiting list. Even though he's not sure if it will be confirmed by Pujo time, he's still hopeful and has purchased his tickets for the waiting list. There are, however, fewer lines at reserved ticket counters as more people choose to use e-tickets.

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