Too much ‘heat’, spoils the broth

Some people have the habit of storing food and then reheating it at the time of eating. But do you know that reheating of some foods makes them toxic and is injurious to health?


 Potatoes are one of them. It loses its nutritional value and cause nausea or illness and food poisoning. In case of rice, if left at room temperature, can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Reheating of eggs at high temperature can wreak havoc in our digestive system. Just like mushrooms, chicken is highly rich in protein can also cause digestive problems. Grapeseed oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil and flaxseed oil, subjected to reheating, become rancid. Spinach when reheated, its nitrates convert into nitrites and other known carcinogens.

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