Tollywood Celebrities Join India's World Cup Triumph!

Last Sunday, Kolkata's iconic Eden Gardens witnessed India's triumph against South Africa in a thrilling Cricket World Cup match, coinciding with Virat Kohli's birthday. This joyous moment united not only cricket enthusiasts but also Tollywood stars.

In a remarkable feat, Sachin Tendulkar's record was broken as India secured a resounding win. Former captain Kohli celebrated his birthday by scoring his 49th century in a one-day match, surpassing Tendulkar. This remarkable achievement added another layer of love and admiration from fans. Tollywood was there to witness history unfold.


Tollywood stars like Dev, Yash Dasgupta, Nusrat Jahan, Neel-Trina, and June Malia couldn't contain their excitement. Some were at the Eden Gardens, while others were glued to their TV screens, cheering for Team India. The atmosphere was electrifying, with songs like 'Maa Tujhe Salaam' and 'Vande Mataram' echoing across the stadium.

Dev shared his excitement on social media, posting a video of the game and captioning it with, "What a fantastic game! What an unprecedented frenzy! Watching this scene, you can't help but pray that 2023 brings the World Cup back to our country."

On the other hand, love was in the air for Yash and Nusrat. They watched the game with bated breath and couldn't contain their joy when India emerged victorious. Their smiles were infectious, and they proudly chanted, "Chak De India."

In the gallery, even Neel-Trina's couple was seen celebrating the win, singing songs of triumph. They shared the joy of India's victory, and their voices resonated across the nation.

While some enjoyed the victory at the stadium, others celebrated at home. Darshana Banik, the Tollywood sensation, watched the game from her favourite chair. Her social media accounts have been flooded with images of her celebrating in the manner of a true leader. She cheered for India's victory, and her jubilation knew no bounds.

In the end, it wasn't just a cricket match; it was a day of unity, celebration, and love for the nation. The victory at Eden Gardens will be etched in the hearts of Tollywood stars and cricket lovers alike for years to come.

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