Tollywood Actress Sriparna Roy Ties The Knot On Tuesday With A Doctor

On November 28th, popular actress Sriparna Roy stepped into wedded bliss, exchanging vows in a lavish ceremony in Kolkata. The much-awaited union unfolded with Sriparna, renowned for her roles in the television drama "Gatchora," taking centre stage.

Sriparna roy husband name

Breaking the news of her marriage, revealed that she has chosen Dr. Shubhadeep, a medical professional from Chandannagar, as her life partner. Dr. Shubhadeep, making his first appearance after the wedding, appeared visibly excited about the new chapter in their lives.


The couple showcased timeless elegance in their wedding attire. Sriparna adorned a red Banarasi saree, perfectly complemented by a matching blouse, gold jewellery, and a traditional crown. Dr. Shubhadeep opted for a maroon sherwani with a matching turban and stole.

The wedding ceremony saw the presence of the entire cast and crew of the television series "Gatchora," highlighting the strong bond Sriparna shares with her professional colleagues. Before the wedding, Sriparna had hinted at a menu featuring prawns, bhetki, and biryani, setting the stage for a culinary delight.

Captured moments from the ceremony depicted the couple's romantic gestures, Dr. Shubhadeep with stealing a kiss on Sriparna's cheek and reciprocating the affection. The pictures painted a picture of pure joy and happiness, confirming that the newlyweds are over the moon.

As Sriparna wraps up her journey in the "Gatchora" series, she expresses her desire to take a brief hiatus with her husband. The couple is considering a honeymoon in either Thailand or Vietnam to savour the initial days of marital bliss.

Sriparna Roy's wedding became a celebration not just for her but for the entire entertainment industry, marking another beautiful union in the world of glamour and grace.

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