Tollywood Actor Dipankar Dey Fell Unexpectedly Ill On Friday. How Is He Now?

In a shocking turn of events last Friday night, renowned Tollywood actor Dipankar Dey fell unexpectedly ill, leaving everyone in suspense. The sudden onset of a severe health issue, related to diabetes (sugar fault), had left him feeling physically drained. As his condition worsened, he was swiftly admitted to a private hospital, where he was subsequently moved to the ICU.

The 48 hours that followed were fraught with uncertainty, but there is an update on the veteran actor's current status, straight from the source: his wife, actress Dolon Roy.

Dolon Roy shared with the media that Dipankar Dey is doing considerably better than before. He has successfully managed his blood sugar levels and is responding well to treatment. She expressed her hope that he would soon be discharged from the hospital.

In contrast to earlier reports, Dipankar Dey himself spoke to the media on Sunday, reassuring his fans and well-wishers that he is in much better health now. He attributed the health scare to an uncontrolled spike in his blood sugar levels, which led to his hospitalization. He is confident about his imminent recovery and is eager to return to his usual routines.

In the midst of all this, Dolon Roy, too, has had her share of health challenges and hospital visits. She is currently juggling her acting commitments while ensuring she maintains her own well-being. However, it is noted that Dipankar Dey has reduced his workload to focus on his health, which is a significant change from his earlier busy schedule.

Tragedy struck the Dey family recently when they lost their elder daughter, Vaishali Kuriakose, to a heart ailment at just 52 years old. The loss has understandably taken a toll on the family, and it's challenging for them to come to terms with it. Dipankar Dey, due to his age-related health concerns, is obliged to take necessary precautions in his daily life, adding an extra layer of complexity to the situation.

Throughout his career, Dolon Roy has been a pillar of support for Dipankar Dey, and she continues to stand by his side during these trying times. Her hope remains unwavering as she looks forward to Dipankar Dey's complete recovery.

The Tollywood community and fans alike await the return of Dipankar Dey to the silver screen, knowing that his journey to recovery is a testament to his enduring spirit.

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