Tips to stay strong all throughout the day

Have you ever wondered `whyI feel tired at the end of the day`? If u want to stay strong follow these instructions and you will feel refreshed all throughout the day. Here are some tips.

1.Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep causes obvious problems like diabetes, increased blood pressure heart deseases, stroke etc.Maintain a consistent sleep routine so that you get off to sleep in that time period only.Avoidtaking naps in between your work otherwise thare will be problems in getting sleep at night.Ensure that the bedroom is dark and has a comfortable temperature.Avoid tobacco and alcohol which will help you only in fragmented sleep.Limit caffeinated drinks as it is a proven that caffeine helps us stay awake.

2.Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is the easiest way to get rid of fatigue.Eat the exact amount of calories required otherwise it would make you feel full.Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables everyday to get the most out of your diet.Take whole grains ….whole grains include brown rice, oatmeal,wholecornmeal,bulgaretc.Eat at regular intervals so that the stomach is never empty not too full after a meal. Take sugar as low as possible.Drink more water to keep yourselfhydrated.Have a carbohydrate and protein rich diet

3.Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Researches have shown that sitting back on a piece of chair may be the easiest option when tired but research showed that some exercise can bring back the lost energy. Research also shows that a human needs 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise per week to strengthen up the muscles.

4.Excessive Stress.

Taking up too much stress can make you feel tired at the end of the day. To come out of your clumsiness follow these tips.Identify the source of stress Learn to say no…Don`t push yourself too much agaist orders from seniors.Avoid people who stresses you out. View situations in a positive way. Don’t stress if it is not very important .Accept the facts you are unable to change.

5.Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions which causes fatigue.Some of them are 

Anaemia, Diabetes,Depression,Heart Disease, glandular fever,Urinary tract infection, pregnancy.  Consult a doctor if there is any medical history attached with you. You can ask your doctor to schedule a diet chart and other instructions that you need to follow.

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