Tightened Security Measures For Park Street December Festivities In Kolkata

As winter sets in and December unfolds its charm, the city of Kolkata gears up for the festive season, with Park Street taking center stage. This year promises an even more stringent administration, ensuring a safer celebration of Christmas and the New Year.

Kolkata transforms into a dazzling spectacle as December arrives, with the entire Park Street square adorned in vibrant lights. Locals and visitors alike flock to witness the illuminated city, turning the area into a bustling hub of excitement.

According to sources from Lalbazar, it has been revealed that plans are underway to host the inauguration for grand Christmas and New Year celebrations on Park Street between December 18 and 20. To prevent any untoward incidents, the police force will see an increase in numbers compared to last year.


Moreover, heightened security will extend to multiple hotels in the Park Street vicinity, anticipating the influx of both domestic and international guests. Each police officer will be assigned specific responsibilities to ensure a seamless and secure environment for everyone.

Last year's division of the area into 11 zones with the deployment of nearly 3,000 police personnel, including Quick Response Teams and ten Deputy Commissioners, showcased a comprehensive security setup. This year, Lalbazar aims to further enhance security measures, demonstrating their commitment to a safe and enjoyable festive season.

In addition, information reveals that advanced bookings for hotel accommodations are already in progress, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to manage the increased footfall. Each police officer will play a crucial role in overseeing these arrangements, guaranteeing a smooth experience for revelers and tourists alike.

As December unfolds its magic, Park Street prepares to host a celebration that not only captivates with its dazzling lights but also ensures the safety and enjoyment of all those who partake in the festivities. The city administration, along with the police force, stands committed to making this year's Park Street celebrations memorable for all the right reasons.

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