Three New Flyovers To Be Built In West Bengal, Finance Minister Chandrima Announces

In a significant announcement during the unveiling of the state's budget for the fiscal year 2024–25, State Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, responsible for the finance portfolio, revealed plans for the construction of three new flyovers in the state.

One of the proposed flyovers aims to enhance connectivity between Newtown and the airport, with the objective of facilitating smoother transportation links within the region.

According to budgetary allocations, a flyover stretching approximately seven kilometres with four lanes will be constructed from the Metropolitan Mode of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass to Mahishbathan near Newtown.


The state government has set a target to complete this project within the next three years, with an estimated expenditure of 7.28 billion rupees. To kickstart the initiative, an allocation of 1.5 billion rupees has been earmarked in the state budget for the first year, as confirmed by Minister Chandrima.

The successful implementation of this project is anticipated to bring substantial benefits to the residents of the state. As per transportation experts, Kolkata faces constraints due to limited road infrastructure, coupled with a steady increase in vehicular traffic each year, leading to congestion and environmental challenges. Hence, innovative solutions like flyovers are deemed imperative to alleviate these issues and improve overall urban mobility.

The proposed flyovers are envisioned to address these concerns comprehensively, offering a novel infrastructure solution that promises to mitigate existing transportation challenges while enhancing convenience for city dwellers.

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