Three Cheetah Cubs Born In India's Kuno National Park, Welcomed by Environment Minister

India's Environment Minister, Bhupender Yadav, shared a video on his official X (Twitter) handle, announcing the birth of three cheetah cubs in the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh.

The cheetah, named 'Jwala,' originally arrived in India two years ago during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic visit from Namibia, bringing eight cheetahs in the first round with him and twelve cheetahs in the second round.

Jwala, who came in the first round and graced Kuno National Park in March 2023, unfortunately lost three cubs shortly after their birth.

However, optimism prevails as Jwala has recently given birth to three more adorable cubs, as revealed in a 15-second video posted by Minister Yadav.

The minister, extending a warm welcome to the newborns, posted the video on Tuesday morning, expressing appreciation for the conservation efforts. The caption read, "Kuno’s new cubs! Namibian Cheetah named Jwala has given birth to three cubs. This comes just weeks after Namibian Cheetah Aasha gave birth to her cubs. Congratulations to all wildlife frontline warriors and wildlife lovers across the country. May Bharat’s wildlife thrive…"

Just a week ago, another female cheetah named 'Asha' from Namibia gave birth to another set of cubs in the park, totaling six new cheetah births in the past week.

Highlighting the significance of this conservation initiative, the minister emphasised India's commitment to increasing the cheetah population. Cheetahs from Namibia and other parts of Africa have been brought to India as part of Prime Minister Modi's initiative since 2022, aiming to revive and grow the cheetah population, which had disappeared from India seven decades ago.

This success story is a testament to India's dedication to wildlife conservation and marks a significant stride towards the restoration of the cheetah population in the country.

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