Thousands Of Devotees Converge At Tarapith For The Kaushiki Amavasya

In the early hours of Thursday, devotees from far and wide gathered at Tarapith to mark the auspicious occasion of Kaushiki Amavasya. The special day, beginning at 4:32 a.m., kicked off with a sacred aarti dedicated to Maa Tara and worshipped by the pandits. Then the temple doors are opened for the devotees. The temple doors remained open throughout the night, welcoming pilgrims seeking blessings.

Kaushiki Amavasya holds deep significance, as it is believed that the sage Bamakhepa achieved spiritual enlightenment by meditating under the white ash tree in Mahas Ashman at Tarapith on this very day. There is a saying that Bamakhepa came across with Ma Tara during his meditation, adding to the mystique of this observance. Furthermore, this day commemorates the victory of Mother Tara, in her Kaushiki form, over the Asuras Shumbha and Nishumbha.


Security measures at Tarapith were robust, with a thousand police personnel and 1,700 civic volunteers ensuring the safety of the multitude of devotees. Aerial surveillance using drone cameras, a watchtower, and CCTV installations added an extra layer of vigilance. To accommodate the influx of devotees, the temple committee took meticulous steps. They provided ample lighting and water, cordoned off the temple area to maintain order during the puja rituals, and deployed 150 additional security personnel. The committee's efforts were dedicated to ensuring a disturbance-free and spiritually enriching Kaushiki Amavasya celebration.

As lakhs of devotees congregated, Tarapith shone as a beacon of devotion and spirituality, reiterating the deep-rooted significance of Kaushiki Amavasya in Hindu tradition.

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