Thicker than Blood

It is true that some bonds are beyond blood and flesh; Diti Lahiri and Marshneil Sinha have proved that once again.

Marshneil Sinha in her thirties suffered a chronic and life-threatening kidney condition which required transplantation. She was diagnosed with shrinking kidneys. Her family which consists of her father, mother and younger sister lost all hope of getting a donor Sinha’s 4-year-old senior came to the rescue. Diti Lahiri and Marshneil Sinha both work at ITC Infotech in Bangalore. Diti is single and lives with her mother.

Diti followed Sinha’s case very closely and sent her medical reports to a urologist for evaluation. Since Sinha’s parents couldn’t donate their kidneys due to health issues, Diti stepped forward and decided to donate her kidney. Diti and her mother had to go through a nine-month long process of affidavits and other procedures at the Alipore Police Court to get approval.

Finally, on September 3rd the surgery took place at Fortis. Diti has been released from the hospital but Marshneil is due for release.

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