The voice of Humanity- CHORUS!

Around 30 artists, singers, performers and poets in support of ‘CitizenSpeakIndia’ lend their voice of concern during the maiden edition of ‘Chorus’.  The evening was aptly summed up by Parambrata Chattopadhyay who said, “This was about making a statement and a political one. We have a political stand but it is not in favour or against a political party.”

The performance created a strong voice which was unputdownable and robust. Chorus created that voice which made sure that whenever humanity is at stake, the voice will raise and help those who need it.  What followed next was a chorus with the classic medley of Ek He Chilo Raja; and Halla Rajar Sena; spontaneously weaved together on stage with Parambrata, Rupam Islam, Anupam, Satadal, Anirban, Rwitobrata and Riddhi. This was followed by all the performers coming together on stage, led by founder member of #CitizenSpeakIndia Aparna Sen. Best part was Nazrul Mancha raved from the song of National Anthem in the company of 1500 audience. 

chorus 1

“Our stand remains the same. We stand for humanity. We stand against intolerance, violence, jingoism and bigotry in any form or under any garb. We don’t believe in the philosophy of with us; against us. We have and will always raise our voice for preserving humanity and the show of solidarity from you all inspires and motivates us to continue,” she said.

chorus 4

Anupam’s song was his philosophy as he grooved to the music of ‘Jodi ora tomai chinte chai/ prosno kore bole tumi ke? /Hashi mukhe jobab dio bhai/ sobar upore manush sotto /tahar upore nai’.

chorus 2

Anirban recited his translation and ‘Shob Mone Rakha Hobe’ of Amir Azir Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega was applauded

Sudipta Chakraborty’s hindi recitation of young actor Avinash Dwivedi’s Chalo Ek Din Ke Liye Tum Hindu Ban Jaao was appreciated. Kaushik and Reshmi Sen recitation of Najma gave Goosebumps. 

chorus 3

Riddhi-Surangana ‘Kachei Karo Ekkhana Hath Dhoro’ gave an enthralling performance. Fidler Green suave rendition of Bella Ciao was matched by the pulsating performances by Iman who sang ‘Ekdin Jara Merechilo’ or Bidipta and Satadal singing of Salil Choudhury’s Dheu Utche.

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