The first heliport is going to be built in the state

The West Bengal state government has taken the initiative to establish three new heliports in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Raiganj. The total cost of making this heliport will be Rs. 7.5 crore. Now travelers can reach Darjeeling and Kalimpong from Siliguri in 10 to 15 minutes.

The primary objective behind the initiative is to promote tourism in the region. Tourists prefer to visit mountainous regions at various times of the year. Now it will be easy for travelers to travel with the help of a helicopter. Travelers can reach their destinations in just 15 minutes using helicopters.

According to the State Tourism Department, a waiting lounge, toilets, and baby feeding rooms will be built along with the helipad, where passengers can wait. Safety is also a concern for the state government. There will be facilities for X-ray scanning passengers' luggage and emergency response units. 

These heliports will be developed under the Central Government's Dynamic Power Project, with technical assistance from Paban Hans. Two acres of land have been acquired for the heliport in Darjeeling, while the search for land is still ongoing in Kalimpong. The government has informed that Pawan Hans will soon submit a detailed project report.

The Darjeeling heliport will be located near Tiger Hill and will be designed to facilitate landing from either direction. The West Bengal State Government's Tourism Department and Kolkata's Fly Training Institute are jointly exploring the possibility of starting a helicopter service in Darjeeling. That will provide tourists with an opportunity to explore the region's unique beauty.

The fare for helicopter rides has not been determined yet. However, it is anticipated that the fare price will be affordable for the middle class.

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