The Dawn Of Mahalaya

Jago... tumi jago...jago doshoprohoronadharini...” you can already hear it in your mind, right? Every single Bengali in the dawn of Mahalaya listens to ‘Mahishashura Mardini’ in the magical voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra for nearly 86years. Its popularity remains undiminished till date.

Mahalaya’, the day has come back after a year-long wait.

For all those who are still not aware of why the day is so significant, we are here to explain it.

Mahalaya marks the beginning of ‘devi paksha’ and ending of ‘pitri paksha’. ‘Mahishashura Mardini’ is the story of Goddess Durga annihilating the demon-king Mahishasur.

The story goes like; the Demon king Mahishasur misused his blessing of immortality. But Lord Shiva already aware of the Mahishashur’s cruel intentions created a condition that no one can kill him except women. The demon thought women are weaker in strength hence he’ll remain immortal.

He started attacking Heaven and Earth and that is when the Adi Shakti was awakened in the form of Durga in order to save everyone from the wrath of Mahishashur. She fought the demon for 5 days on Earth and killed him. Hence, this day also denotes the Goddess’s arrival to her maternal home from Kailash.

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