The City And The Joy

Kolkata definitely defines diversity. Innumerable cultures, languages, food and dialects - this city has it all. It is rightly called the city of joy as because the soul of the city emits joy and smiles like no other city of the country.

It has always been observed that sportsmen and women always place Kolkata as one of the best places they have ever played in. The city has a unique enthusiasm that always fuels up whenever a tournament comes along- be it a world championship, or a street match between two neighbourhoods or ‘paras’ as the Kolkatans call them. The way to a Bengali’s heart might be food, but the path to his soul is this beautiful game called football. The outcome of an East Bengal -Mohunbagan match can even decide a Bengali’s lunch menu. With the FIFA 2018 just two months away, the streets are surely going to be adorned by the Brazilian or the Argentinean flags. Soon, the morning scenes at the ‘parar’ tea shops would be enthusiastic Bengalis discussing about how the penalty should have been scored, or how faulty the yellow card decision was. The evenings would see ardent youths sitting with a bowl of ‘jhaal-muri’ in front of the club television sets and their excited shouts ringing throughout the neighbourhood.

This city has got its priorities set. It is still free from the clutches of the video games, and is still one of those cities where cars need to change the lane owing to an ongoing friendly football match. The joy still reverberates.

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