Tender Coconut is the new health tonic for summers

For the dog tiring days of summers to come, Mother Nature has a beautiful gift to help beat the scorching heat. Tender Coconut water a.k.a "Daab er jol" or "Nariyal paani" it is. Tender coconut water is not just any other delicious beverage, it doubles up as a sports drink and health booster as it is fortified with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, iron, magnesium potassium and zinc while being extremely low in calories. Tender coconut water has mind-blowing health benefits, a few of which we have summarized for you:

1. Fresh tender coconut water if consumed once in a day improves cardiovascular health.

2. The fiber content in tender coconut water helps in digestion and even improves the digestive system.

3. Tender coconut water helps in burning more calories by increasing the body's resting metabolic rate.

4. Tender coconut water helps in case of dehydration, which is a common problem during summers. Consuming tender coconut water keeps the body sufficiently hydrated and is highly recommended for athletes post workout or practice sessions.

5. Daily intake of tender coconut water reduces the chances of having kidney stones which happens due to the accumulation of Crystal like structures in the kidney. Tender coconut water helps prevent the build-up of kidney stones.

6. Tender coconut water is very effective in strengthening the bones due to its high calcium content and keeps the bones healthy and strong.

7. Consumption of coconut water reduces gas related issues as it is high in potassium content. 

8. Coconut water helps in reducing diabetes levels. But yes! Not the tender coconuts but the matured ones. Coconut water not just reduces the blood sugar level but it even helps from blood clotting which is a major concern to diabetic patients. 

9. Coconut water aids in losing excess body weight as it has high content of dietary fibers. So, whenever you are hungry and you are on diet as well, feel free to sip coconut water. It will make you feel full and less hungry for a while.

10. Intake of coconut water is directly proportional to lowering of blood pressure as well as hypertension.

Next time you see a tender coconut seller on the roadside on a hectic summer afternoon; do stop over for a quick health recharge.


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