Tarapith Rath Yatra: Maa Tara appears in a chariot

Rath Yatra is an important festival for Hindus. But in Tarapith, the festival is celebrated differently. That day, Maa Tara embarks on a journey in a chariot. Thousands of people gather to seek Maa Tara’s blessings.

Tarapith is famous for the temple of Tara Maa. Tarapith derives its name from its association as the worship center for the Hindu goddess Ma Tara. During the Rath Yatra, Maa Tara appears to the devotees in a completely different form. Her chariot journey tradition has been following year after year, and that day the streets of Tara Pith were sparkling and crowded with devotees.

Rath Yatra is mainly famous for the god Jagannath. The main place of this festival is Puri. However, how the celebration happens in Tarapith makes this festival special.

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