Take in “Telapiya”

Are you a bong? Then your love for fish is inevitable. Even the bongs who reside abroad crave for Bengali pond fish. Here we talk about “Telapiya,” the most common fish that almost all Bengalis craves.

Nutritional value: As “Telapiya” is a freshwater fish, it has high nutritional value. It has a mild flavour and it tastes good. It has low calorie and is rich in protein content.

 Reasons for popularity: “Telapiya” is very popular among bongs because:

1. Inexpensive;

2. Healthy;

3. Widely available;

4. Cook it while experimenting with different recipes;

5. Farmed “Telapiya” is extremely healthy for patients;

6. A person who does not like fish for the smell can easily try “Telapiya” as it has a very mild smell.

Therefore, Jiyo Bangla advises you to add “Telapiya” in your daily diet but in a moderate amount.

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