Swimming through darkness in Busan

Kolkata-based documentary ‘Swimming Through the Darkness’ will premiere at the internationally acclaimed 23rd Busan International Film Festival. The 76-minute documentary depicts the life and struggle of visually-challenged Kanai Lal Chakraborty, who dreams of crossing the English Channel. Supriyo Sen a National Award-winning director took 4-years to complete this documentary.


Kanai learned swimming when he was a child when a kid in his neighborhood pushed him in a pond, and he followed the verbal instructions of his sister and swam out of the water. Now, 38-year-old, Kanai participated in the world’s longest swimming competition organized by Berhampur Swimming Association in 2013. He participated in this competition with contestants who weren’t visually impaired. He took 12 hours and 14 minutes to cross 81km.

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