Super foods for turning back the clock

Once David Wolf, famous nutritionist and author of “Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future,” described ‘super foods’ as natural foods which have health benefits. “Super foods” are nutrient-rich foods. These foods improve your immune system functions, prevent and help treat illnesses and reduce the physical signs of aging. Want to learn more? Then read along:

Watermelon - It keeps your body hydrated and boosts the production of collagen that makes your skin radiant and supple.


Spinach- It is Green and Green is good. Period! It's also full of Lutein which keeps your vision clear.


Avocado: It is creamy and tastes absolutely good. It's not like we need another reason to love Avocado.


Tomato: Tomato is bae! This juicy fruit is well known for its skin lightening benefits. Contain a good portion of Lycopene, which makes skin as soft as a baby's bottom.


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