Subsidies for Durga Puja

Festive season calls for huge amount of food production and the high prices of food items worries everyone. But the West Bengal government has eased out the pain for so many people across the state.

The government has announced subsidies on a few food items for the Durga Puja season. The state Food and Supplies department will be selling sugar, flour and mustard oil at a subsidised rate ahead of Durga puja, under a special package. These food items will be sold at the government’s fair price shops across the state. It is mention worthy that the government has been providing this special package during the Puja days for the past few years.

According to an official of the state Food and Supplies department, beneficiaries under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and State Priority Ration Cards (SPHH) will be getting sugar, flour and mustard oil at a subsidised rate. Each family will get 500 gram sugar and the same quantity of flour in the months of October and November. Sugar and flour will be available to the public at a subsidised rate of Rs.30 and Rs.23 respectively. Mustard oil will also be sold at the same shop at a subsidies rate.

The subsidies will benefit a large section of people in the state during this festive season during Durga puja, Kali Puja, and Chhath Puja in the months of October and November. The Food and Supplies department also provides similar package during Ramazan.

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