Stunning “Tuna” benefits

It is a common saying that tinned or canned fish is not good for health but when it comes to Tuna, it tastes great. Fish-loving people of Kolkata are now in love with Tuna as well. They have come up with varied dishes Tuna dishes. However, before we start talking about the yummy and delicious recipes of Tuna, it is pertinent to know the health benefits of Tuna. Tuna has high levels of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that are very healthy for the overall functioning of our system.

1. Tuna helps in reducing hypertension. It boosts our health and lowers the strain on our cardiovascular Hence, consumption of Tuna prevents the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

2. If someone is vegetarian or staying away from red meat, then Tuna fulfils his /her protein requirement. It gives us the energy for our body to function properly.

3. Tuna fish intake enhances the immune Tuna contains zinc, Vitamin C and manganese, which enhance the defence mechanism in our body.

4. If your obesity is troubling you and you are on diet, then nothing is better than having Tuna. This particular fish is low in calories. Leptin is the hormone that required for maintaining the body balance and Tuna offers the optimum levels required.

5. Tuna is very rich in anti-oxidants and is highly effective at thwarting cancer.

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