Strict step against alcohol abuse taken by Gujrat village

The small village of Piyaj, in the Gandhinagar district of Gujrat has absolutely different criteria for marriage. Besides meeting other criteria’s of marriage, the groom has to be absolutely alcohol free. If any sort of alcohol activity is sensed, the wedding would be cancelled right there. 

Breathalyzer tests of grooms are taken when the marriage is fixed.  During the wedding, the bride’s father would appoint around 25 people to test the breath of the groomsmen. This breath test is extremely strict, where even a speck of alcohol would not only cancel the marriage but also compel the groom’s side to pay compensation to the bride’s father.

The Sarpanch of that village, on an interview said that the Thakor community of their village believe in non-tolerance towards alcohol. After witnessing cases where alcohol destroyed the lives of numerous people of the village, and alcohol abuse finds a steep rise, rigid steps were taken by the authority. He admits that the steps taken had indeed brought successful colors where more and more men are leaving alcohol in the fear of not finding any bride. The surpanch confessed that he didn’t find much support from the police, as a result of which, he had to come up with this new trick. 

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