Stress Relievers in the course of assessment

Just into your board exams? It is quite understandable that almost all the relatives whom you have never seen before will come up to know about your results even if you have not seen them once in a lifetime. Therefore, stress becomes more when so much of peer pressure is there on your shoulder. Here we go with 5 stress relievers for you. Make sure you follow these while you are down with any sorts of examination heaviness.



Take a quick and short walk within your study time. This will enhance your energy level and boost up your spirit to study more and that too quite methodically.



It is of no use studying for hours when nothing is going inside your head. Take a small break and make it a point that you listen to classical music to read your mind maps and get rid of your study hacks.


Plan a proper routine for your studies. It is not needed to study all the subjects every time and every day. If you are not organised enough then it is conceivable that the results will not come out as you expect.


Having dark chocolates can give you some relief. Cocoa in dark chocolate gives the stress hormone a boost up. Endorphins gets released which is unquestionably a stress fighter.


Have a good sleep. If you are planning to sleep for at least 6 hours in a day during the exams then also it is perfect. But make sure that within that span of time you are not getting disturbed by the social networking sites and other phone calls.

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