Street food for the Hygiene conscious: Phuchkas served with Mineral water in Kolkata

Bengali folks love for food is mostly unparalleled in the world. This extreme love/obsession for food extends to street food as well. If there is a list of top 10 street foods in Kolkata, phuchkas might in all probability take pole position. Wherever we go, whatever we do…our big hearts tummies will come back right here to our own Kolkata style phuchkas, which we think cannot be re-created in a million years with such perfection elsewhere.

For people who might be unaware of what phuchka is—

These are crisp hollow balls (approximately the size of a cricket ball) filled with spiced up mashed potato and topped up with a spicy tamarind water and sweet chutney. Once you bite into these deliciously stuffed balls, it feels like a party inside your mouth.

One of such phuchka walas in Kolkata serves up to seventeen different types of phuchkas in his stall while the tamarind water is prepared with packaged drinking water keeping in mind the hygiene and well-being of his customers. He is none other than Pravesh Panipuri the ‘chaat-wale Bhaiyaa’. The story doesn’t end here; this man has traveled to Australia and Bangkok for his famed phuchkas and even serves one year worth of free puchkas as reward to the topper of Laxmipat Singhania School. 

His special phuchkas include Ghugni phuchka, Alu dum phuchka, Dahi phuchka, Batata phuchka, Chocolate phuchka, Dhokla phuchka, Schezwan phuchka, Bullet phuchka and Rocket phuchka  to name a few.

If you haven’t already had the taste of his puchkas then you need to immediately rush to the following address and get a taste of the quintessential albeit hygienic street treat of Kolkata:

Parvesh Panipuri,

Woodland Rd, Alipore,

Kolkata: 700027

Bon Appétit everyone!

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