State proposed a new route in Majerhat

The new road alignment, with an existing level-crossing to the west of Majerhat bridge, emerged as a third option at an informal meeting between the railway and Bengal government officials on Monday. The state government, in a parallel development, sent a formal proposal to the Railway Board on the construction of two new roads across the Majerhat train tracks. An alternative route for travel is being proposed by the state government, which are a new level crossing and the construction of a bridge and a culvert. In Nabanna on Monday, the alignment was discussed to run from Taratala to Mominpur via Goragachha Road, Transport Depot Road, Sonarpur Road, Coal Dock Depot Road, and Remount Road. Thirty-six pairs of trains run between Sealdah and Budge Budge daily,11 pair of circular trains and 10 pairs of goods trains are running daily in this route. Railway officials are wary of having a new level crossing across five to seven lines as regulating train traffic may pose a challenge.

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