Special Train Services Increased For Passengers Convenience During Holi, Know In Details

With Holi festivities and holiday plans just around the corner, the entire nation is gearing up for vibrant celebrations. However, for those considering a trip but struggling to secure train tickets, there's good news. The railway authorities have stepped up to enhance services, ensuring convenience for passengers during this busy period.

To alleviate overcrowding and meet the surge in demand, the North East Frontier Railway has announced the operation of weekly special trains numbered 01666/01665 between Rani Kamalapati and Agartala, with a total of 26 trips scheduled. Additionally, for the comfort and ease of travellers, a special train service will run between Anand Vihar and Jogbani via Anand Bihar, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for passengers on both ends.

Furthermore, special trains numbered 01665 (Rani Kamalapati to Agartala) and 01666 (Agartala to Rani Kamalapati) will operate every Thursday and Sunday, respectively, until June 27, 2024. These services aim to facilitate travel for passengers from Ambassa, Dharmanagar, New Haflong, Guwahati, Rangiya, Kishanganj, Barauni Junction, Danapur, Mirzapur, and Itarsi Junction.


In addition to Holi specials, a new train service numbered 04010 (Anand Vihar to Jogbani) will depart from Anand Vihar on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 23:45, reaching Jogbani on Thursday morning at 05:20. The return journey, train number 04009, will depart from Jogbani on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 09:00, arriving at Anand Vihar the following day at 16:05. This train will offer AC-3 tier, sleeper class, and second seating coaches for passenger comfort.

Authorities emphasise that detailed information regarding these train services, including schedules and stoppages, is available on the official website of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and various social media platforms of the North East Frontier Railway. Passengers are encouraged to review the details before commencing their journey to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that several other special trains have been announced by the North East Frontier Railway, promising enhanced convenience for travelers from West Bengal, Bihar, and Assam. These initiatives aim to streamline travel arrangements and provide a seamless experience for all passengers during the festive season.

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