Souradeep Dutta's 'Cycle of Eternity' Triumphs at Oscar Qualifying Raindance Film Festival 2023

In a moment of immense pride for our nation, Souradeep Dutta, a son of Kolkata, has emerged victorious on foreign soil by presenting a unique cinematic creation titled 'Cycle of Eternity' at the Oscar Qualifying Raindance Film Festival 2023 in the UK. This prestigious film festival, the largest independent festival in the UK, received nearly 4,600 submissions in its first phase, from which a total of 40 films were selected, with five of them qualifying for the International Oscar competition, including 'Cycle of Eternity'.


The story of this film revolves around the life and death of a mother and daughter, where the deceased mother finds her daughter within the lush branches of an explosive young tree, while the daughter, in turn, discovers her mother inside a wooden closet. Notably, the central characters in this film are portrayed by renowned Indian actors, Biswajeet Das, Sritama Dey, and Debkanya Hazra.

To add to the glory, Souradeep Dutta will represent this film festival and our country as its ambassador in London. Another film, 'Pet Kata Shaw' from Bangladesh, starring Chanchal Chowdhury, has also been selected from South Asia for the festival.

Souradeep Dutta, the director of 'Cycle of Eternity,' emphasized that this film is an exploration of the concept of eternal consciousness from ancient Indian philosophy, particularly drawing inspiration from the Upanishads. It aims to offer a perspective on how one should perceive life and death. Dutta believes that this film has the potential to restore faith and harmony within people's hearts, leading them on a path of peace. The film's scenes and dialogues eloquently convey the concept of mortality and have been crafted within a tranquil setting.

Moreover, Dutta revealed that this film was produced on a remarkably modest budget. The production journey involved many sleepless nights, with over 20 individuals dedicating 7-8 days and working tirelessly day and night to bring this film to life. He acknowledged the immense dedication and hard work put in by everyone involved.

On October 27th, this compelling film will be showcased at the renowned Genesis Cinema Hall in central London, offering a glimpse into the profound exploration of life and death through cinematic artistry.

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