Simple steps to beat body odour

It becomes tough for anyone to avoid the group of peers because of the foul body odour. Moreover, it is not always possible to carry a deodorant every now and then. Body odour is not that big an issue when you’re a kid. With time, the hormones get active and this becomes a chronic problem. We have come up with a few ways to get rid of body odour as soon as possible:

1. Try to use anti-bacterial soap. This will inevitably reduce the bacteria count on your body and the body odour

2. Keep your skin as dry as possible after taking a shower. Towel yourself off completely so that the bacteria cannot grow.

3. Keep your wardrobe clean. Use naphthalene and arrange the clothes almost every week. Carry extra clothes if you tend to sweat a lot.

4. Do not eat too much of spicy and junk foods. In addition, it is best to avoid onions, garlic etc.

5. Carry your deodorant and some light clothes along with you while travelling for long hours.

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