Sidhu Published His Poetry Collection 'Modhyorater Blues' Amidst Musical Celebration On His Birthday

Renowned doctor and Singer Siddharth Shankar Ray, known as Sidhu of the band Cactus, has unveiled his debut poetry book titled 'Modhyorater Blues'. The self-expression within his first collection was released on his birthday, featuring 21 poems that span various themes, from love to nature, society, and diverse perspectives.

The book launch event witnessed the presence of several celebrities, such as Anupam Roy, Gabu, Pota, Upal, Anindya Chattopadhyay, Ujjaini Mukherjee, and others. Notably, the entire team of the Kaktas band also attended the celebration.

The evening was filled with musical performances, starting with Sidhu singing 'Barle Boyosh' and 'Holud Pakhi', followed by Upal and Anindya singing 'Amar Bhindeshi Tara'. Also, Ujjaini, Prasmita, and Chandrima contributed their vocals to every song.


Ananda Chatterjee, the publisher, adorned the book with a captivating cover design. The news reports suggest that the book received positive feedback at the book fair and is expected to be a highlight in the literary world. Interestingly, the collection showcases Sidhu's versatility, with some poems evolving into songs.

Sidhu expressed his gratitude to his longtime friend Anindya for writing the foreword, emphasising the joy of collaborating with him. Soumitra Ray made a special request during the event, urging musicians to explore collaborative projects beyond their bands, fostering a creative fusion of voices, lyrics, tunes, and emotions.

In an exclusive statement to the media, Anindya Chattopadhyay, the celebrated author, conveyed his delight in contributing the preface to Sidhu's book, emphasising the bond of friendship that fueled this creative endeavor. The evening concluded with a birthday celebration for Sidhu, marking the culmination of an extraordinary event.

This literary journey, blending poetry and music, adds a unique dimension to Sidhu's artistic repertoire, promising an enriching experience for readers and fans alike.

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